How to Choose the Best Humidor

How to Choose the Best Humidor

How to Choose the Best HumidorNo matter if one smokes a pipe or cigar any good enthusiast realizes that to get the best from what they are smoking, they need well controlled tobacco housing. In knowing how to choose the best humidorand to keep up with the high standard a cigar smoker expects from his/her product the humidor can be used. A humidor is a box or area where the humidity is always constant and where what you smoke is store. In the rest of this article you will be looking at the best humidors and how to choose humidor, based off your needs.

In a perfect world one size would fit all such as a Mini Cigar Bar, but in the case of the smoking world different means of smoking require different ways of housing. A cigar humidor may be okay cigars but not a tobacco pipe. So how does one choose? Simply you will need to look at size, the lining and finally style.

In understanding how to choose the best humidor; it can be a small box to an entire room. So how does one know what to get? Simply put one will need to consider how much they smoke or how much smoking products one has. For instance a casual smoker will most likely not need a lot of room to store his smokes. Next one will need to consider what they are storing. Typically cigarettes take up less room than cigars which take less room than pipes. If you are planning to buy a cigar humidor consider buying slightly larger than if you were buying yourself a cigarette humidor.

How to choose the best humidor that is right for you should depend heavily on the lining. The lining will not only play a role in keeping the humidor at a constant humidity but will also give off a smell and keep out pests. For example most high quality cigar humidors use Spanish cedar. Spanish cedar is typically used because of its ability to keep a constant humidity and great rates, its strong aroma that will drive pests away. Canadian/American cedar is sometimes used as a cheaper alternative but keeping a constant humidity can be harder to accomplish which may leave your cigars, cigarettes or pipe to go bad. Honduran mahogany might do if you are not planning to store your smokes very long. It has the ability to keep a humidity at a rate close to Spanish cedar but, the odor is weaker. This causes an up rise in tobacco worms if left out long. Clearly if you have the money get Spanish cedar lining, they will produce the best humidors.

Like everything in life, the best humidor should fit your style even the sexy women who smoke cigars! There isn’t much to say in this one except use your eyes. You are enthusiastic enough to have a passion for smoking high quality, put in the effort to get a high quality humidor. Something that describes you. Whether it’s a color on the box to the types of hinges your humidor comes with. Get what represents you. Down the road all the humidors of the world will lose value, for a long term investment why not get something you will always be happy about.

Finally when thinking how to choose humidor, think about size, lining, and style. If you follow what is said above then chances are you will get the most out of your money and love your investment! Happy hunting for that best humidor!

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