Cigar Smoke Removal

My Favorite Cigar Odor Eliminators


When it comes to cigar smoke removal, many people who smoke are unaware of one of the most distasteful things that people who don’t smoke notice; the odor of the smoke. It wafts through the air and becomes potent to all who are within the radius of the smoker. Smokers don’t notice this since the scent follows them almost everywhere they go anyway. But for those seeking relief of cigar smoke in an outdoor or enclosed area, there can be little to no relief without the use of air purifiers and deodorizers like the collection of scents from Lampe Berger.

My Favorite Lampe Berger’s!


The designers at Lampe Berger know what it is like to have air that is unclean and polluted with cigar smoke. Because of this concern, they have created some of the most efficient and aromatic ways of clearing a room full of smoke and making the air breathable and clear again. Using an artful lamp filled with a clarifying scent, the Lampe Berger system can virtually eliminate odors and smoke associated with cigars in no time flat. There are many different designs of lamps to choose from, there’s literally something for everyone. Light colors to dark colors to intricate and artful designs are just the tip of what Lamp Berger smoke odor remover systems have to offer. Inside of the lamp, there has to be a scent to replace the odors with a fresher smell. Lampe Berger has many of these available as well, all of which are much more pleasing to the sense of smell than cigar smoke. Many of the scents are meant to evoke sensations of faraway locations and exquisite emotions rather than the stale and repugnant odor of smoke. Working much like an air purifier, the Lampe Berger system is a great way to remove smoke odor associated with cigar smoke from any room where you may need it.

My Favorite Lampe Berger Fragrances


One of the first things people say when they talk about smoking is that they cannot stand the scent of it. For some it makes them nauseous, others are simply just repulsed by it. Whatever the reason, if cigar smoke is a problem and you want it gone then the scents and artistry of the Lampe Berger smoke odor remover is exactly what you’re looking for. There’s artistry not only in the looks of Lampe Berger, but in the smells, feelings, and operation of the system. Be sensitive to other people who might not like your cigar smoke and have it removed with Lampe Berger.


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